Kevin Leiva was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and later moved to the United States at the age of ten.  During his school years he felt drawn to ceramics while taking a pottery class.  After high school, he began his career in the field of ceramics. Working as a production potter for 6 years, Kevin developed the technical skills to be able to produce high quality work in a demanding setting. Early in his career, Kevin realized the joy he received by seeing people use his artwork. Over the years, Kevin has participated in many classes allowing him to develop his own artistic style. Kevin is now developing ceramic works that hold true to his own unique identity . Kevin believes that each ceramic piece he creates should be rooted in simplicity, utility, and elegance.




The start of Klayva Ceramics


  In 2016 Klayva Ceramics was founded with the goal of providing handcrafted ceramics to every household with unique, long-lasting wares that are both beautiful and functional.  Each Klayva Ceramics piece is one-of-a-kind and offers enduring beauty that urges use. Kevin believes that his users’ sensory experience with his works is important.  He focuses on not only the feel and look of his pottery, but also how his pottery can bring people together.